LATILINI Team with his expert Prof. Philippe Neyret

is a knee surgeon who trained in his native city Lyon and was chief of Lyon department of orthopaedics surgery during 20 years. He treats sport and also degenerative knees in adults.

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Worldwide Surgical Experience

Prof. Philippe has operated on since 1988 in Lyon, in French Polynesia, in Europe but also internationally in Russia, China, Hongkong, South Africa, Brazil, Tunisia, middle East… and many others. He worked in many different situations and braught French technique and how to do.

Excellence and Education

Philippe Neyret met the international giants of knee surgery and pioneers and taught many young orthopaedics surgeons.

International Events

Prof Philippe created, directed, participated to or coordinated worldwide more than 600 meetings or congresses dedicated to education.


To innovate and promote products and techniques with the Industry. To develop consulting for Institutions, Government and Insurances. Latilini consulting is dedicated to provide the best for Patients in Knee surgery.

Innovations with Industry

Prof Philippe collaborated with the industry in the development of modern implants (Knee replacement, Preservation knee technique) and biological products. His main goal was always to provide the best product (innovation, creativity, reliability) to the surgeon for the benefits of patients.