Prof Philippe

Prof PhilippePr. Philippe NEYRET

Professor at the University of Lyon
Head of department (1996-2017)
Consultant in Burjee orthopedic and sports medicine center in Abu Dhabi


Professor Philippe Neyret received his initial training in Lyon with Albert TRILLAT and being a former pupil of Henri DEJOUR, it was quite natural that in 1988 he devoted his activity on knee surgery.

He was nominated professor at the University of Lyon in 1994, and was head of the department at the Centre Livet (which became the Centre Albert Trillat relocated at the Croix-Rousse Hospital) between 1996 and 2017.

Prof. Neyret’s main activity is clinical. He treats an equal number of sports lesions and degenerative pathologies of the knee. The many publications, books, CD-Roms reflect this clinical research activity. For his work on the results after meniscectomy, he received the “John Joyce Award” by International Arthroscopy in 1989.

In 1995, he participated in the ESSKA-AOSSM “Traveling Fellowship”.

In 2002-2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016, he was involved in the organization of the “Journées de Chirurgie du genou” devoted to the athlete’’ knee or/and prosthesis knee. He actively participated in the “journées lyonnaises de chirurgie du genou” since 1987 in Lyon but also in Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

As a professor, he was responsible for four academic national formations in France during 24 years.

Professor Neyret is a member of several medical societies and is an active participant in the SOFCOT, ESSKA and EFORT as second Vice President since June 2017, and General Secretary of EFORT Foundation and he served ISAKOS as President (2015-2017).

In 2015, Lyon hosted the Isakos biennial congress.

He is an international member of the American Knee Society since 10 years. He also was President of the “ACL Study Group”, member of the “International patellofemoral study group” and the “Patellofemoral Foundation” that awarded him in March 2015 the “Patellofemoral Foundation lifetime achievement”.

In 2013 he was the guest of the Herodicus society as godfather and invited professor in the University of Hong Kong, in Columbus University (Ohio) and Kobe University (Japan).

He published more than 500 articles in peer review journals (about 200 are on pubmed or books).

He is an honorary member of prestigious societies such as the Peruvian Society, the German Society, the Portuguese Society and the Chilean Society. Professor Philippe Neyret gave 1200 presentations in more than 350 international and 150 national congresses.

Today he is an expert and knee consultant for LATILINI and a visiting Professor in Burjee orthopedic and sports medicine center (Abu Dhabi).


President 2015-2017


First vice President

ACL Study GroupACL Study Group
President 2014-2016

Centre Albert TrillatCentre Albert Trillat